Executive and Trustees/ National Rep

CUPE National Representative
Cidália Ribeiro

Your 2020-2021 Officers:
Executive Board:

President: Kim Brousseau (Taggart – Housing) 
Vice-President: Deborah Hicks (Taggart – Housing) 
Recording-Secretary: Christina Roy (Taggart – Housing) 
Secretary-Treasurer: Kaylee McKinley (Taggart – Housing) 

The Chairs of the Grievance Committee and the Health & Safety Committee are both members of the Executive.
Grievance Committee Chair: Vacant (Taggart – Housing)
Health & Safety Committee Chair: Eric Oickle (Taggart – Housing)


Year 3 – Trustee: Valerie G (Taggart – Housing)
Year 2 – Trustee: Elsa Ghebremariam (Taggart – Housing)
Year 1 – Trustee: Abdenbi Zouitni (Taggart – Housing)